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Toilet Paper Models

Side note: why toilet paper?

  1. It's cheap and easily available.
  2. It can appeal to a sense of humor.
  3. It's pre-measured -- no need for a very long tape measure or laying rulers end-to-end -- just count sheets.
  4. It's fairly precise over a long distance, and so is good for those things which have both large-scale and small-scale items, normally difficult to show on a single page.
  5. It's about the right length for a long hallway in a school or other institution.
  6. The model can be made ahead of time in a small amount of space (a table or such) and spread out later. This also means it's fairly portable.
  7. It can be used several times (repair with tape, re-roll), but is still easy & cheap enough to leave one with a group and make a new one.


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