ANSI.SYS runs in NT

This one was just too handy to forget, so I put it here so I could find it.

How to use ANSI.SYS under NT:

Create batch file c:\test\Try.bat with sample contents:
@echo off
echo <Esc>[10;35H<Esc>[36;44m Hello World <Esc>[m
pause >nul

<Esc> = Escape (press Ctrl+P then Esc while using Edit Try.bat).

Create file c:\test\Try.nt with sample contents:
rem See %systemroot%\system32\Config.nt

With Explorer, create a new shortcut:
Command Line: %systemroot%\system32\ /c c:\test\try.bat
Name for shortcut: Try

With Explorer, select shortcut Try (created in previous step):
Right click, Properties, Program, Windows NT.
Set Config Filename = c:\test\Try.nt
Press OK a couple of times.

Double click the shortcut Try -- you will see Hello World displayed with Cyan
foreground (36) and blue background (44), starting at row 10, column 35.

At Command Prompt:
start try.pif

You could run your DOS program from within the batch file, or modify the
shortcut to run the DOS program directly.

thanks to John Beckett 100237.1356@"removethis"

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