Creating an NTFS boot disk

To create an NTFS boot floppy:

1) DISKCOPY  the first setup disk

2) Delete all files on this boot floppy

3) Copy NTDETECT.COM from your root to the floppy

4) Copy NTLDR from root to floppy, rename it SETUPLDR.BIN

5) Copy NTBOOTDD.SYS from root to floppy

6) Create a BOOT.INI as follows *SPACING IS IMPORTANT except first space*

 [boot loader]
 default= scsi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT35
 [operating systems]
 scsi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT35="Windows NT Server Version 3.5"

 Note: WINNT35 is the windows directory

It is in the MS Win NT training manual (Support Fundamentals for Windows NT
pg 565-566)

   1. Log on as an Administrator and start File Manager
   2. Insert a floppy in th A drive
 * 3. Disk Menu - Format Disk
   4. Choose Ok for defaults
   5. Choose Yes to format disk in drive A
   6. Choose NO to format another disk
   7. Copy the following files to the disk
       C:\NTBOOTDD.SYS (for computers with SCSI hard drives on which NT is
         using an SCSI device driver and not the SCSI BIOS during system boot)
   8. Test the Boot Disk by restarting Win NT with the disk in drive A.

There are separate instructions for RISC based computers

  *1-6  same as above
   7.   Copy the following files to the disk
   8.   same as above

*NOTE - the floppy MUST be formatted under Windows NT so that the boot sector
on the disk can find and execute NTLDR. The format is a normal format

Backup one step