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  • 6/6/13 WOW ok they got me back, this is a great release (R2)!!!


  • There is no help for vista, it's hopeless. I deleted it and installed ubuntu


W2K3 - Windows Server 2003

NT5.1 - Windows XP - Whistler

NT5 - Windows 2000 - W2K

NT 4.0

NT 3.51 Tips (a bunch of tips for 3.51)


Wake up read what AV vendors are doing when you aren't looking!

NThelp newsgroup tech help for Administrators and security professionals
LinuxHelp (NEW) newsgroup tech help for Administrators and users

Opinion and Ramblings

Antivirus companies are spamming you (article

(old news) NT4 Worm hitting systems all over the net

Check to see if you are vulnerable to Webbugs! (standard test)  or (sneaky test) Microsoft still doesn't care. (even people within MS have tried to get this fixed and have failed to convince the OE group that it's an important issue, personally I suspect the advertising industry paid to have this added as a feature so they can tell when you read their spams and verify your email address is being used)

Pictures of snow removal after a fairly severe storm on the Trans Canada highway this winter, you have to see this to believe it. (A friend sent these to me)

Why I don't completely trust WindowsUpdate

I've heard many people say many things about NT uptimes, lots who claim they have to reboot daily. This is my response.
It's real, nothing faked, this is an actual departmental server I run that does file and print service like how we used to use NetWare. (no I don't patch it)

If you use NTmail you have probably tried the Gordano support email list. Well lately they have been changing it to refuse posting from anyone not running the current build (forget about versions, they want you on the current build) of NTmail. This has left a number of people out in the cold with no place for support. So we've created two new places where NTmail users can gather, the first is an email list

please pop in and say hello, the second is a couple of newsgroups that will hold an archive of messages click NThelp (for general NT questions) or ntmail (for NTmail support) to get to the newsgroups. Unlike the Gordano NTmail support email list, there is no censoring of posts here.

Any cookies you get from this site are from my stats program, feel free to block the cookies, they do nothing for you but they do allow me to track how you use my site so I can improve it.

If the answer to what you need isn't on this site, check out as there is a ton of good NT information in the reghack section over there or email me

My response to Steve Gibson's XP spoofing/raw sockets issue



 Recommended reading (my good book list) look here for a good book on registry editing

 Really useful NTLinks page (other NT sites I like)

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